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In the spirit of Pancake Day, today we’re doing something fun! If you’re anything like me, making pancakes almost always ends up with a splat on the floor and a disgruntled sigh, before heading back to the mixing jug and trying again. We all encounter this in our lives, whether it’s making pancakes or taking leaps of faith in our businesses; sometimes we fail! If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that sometimes failure in unavoidable and necessary (much like the dreaded first flip of a fresh pancake!). So as we all head back to the mixing jug after a year of uncertainty, business closure, and start-agains, let’s look at some of the advice we can take from simply making pancakes!


Businesses, like pancakes, take time to perfect

Perfecting a pancake mix doesn’t look hard; you add some eggs, flour, milk, and oil, then you mix. But as we all know, sometimes even with the best effort, the batter is still lumpy. Businesses are the same (albeit we don’t eat our businesses!). You can have all of the right ingredients for a business to flourish, but it takes time to perfect it and build it up organically. It certainly helps when you have the tools behind you to help your business grow consistently (which is where we come in *hint hint*!), but patience (much like Nutella, in my personal opinion) is the most important ingredient of them all. So as we shoot for the stars, remember to keep coming back to your foundations – learn, grow, and take your time!


Diversity never did pancakes any harm

The beauty of pancakes is that you can do so much with them. Some people like them sweet, and some like them savoury. Some people like them crepe-style, and some (the Americans) prefer them thick and fluffy. Maybe you’re a Nutella-topping kind of person, or maybe you keep it simple with lemon juice and sugar. Either way, we can all agree that the variety of pancakes is what makes them so fun. Now apply this to your business, or even your business idea! Innovation is at the heart of Uptivity (it’s why we do, what we do!), and just like the genius who decided to plonk a dollop of that wonderful hazelnut spread on a fresh pancake, coming up with new ideas can change the world. Think outside of the box! What’s missing? What could people use? How could we benefit the market? Think it, then do it!


The first pancake flip almost always flops; try again!

Ah yes, the dreaded first pancake. It’s an apprehensive moment, you can smell the batter bubbling away in the pan and you get ready to flip it. The tensions build and you bite the bullet; flop! You didn’t wait long enough, there’s batter on your kitchen walls, the dog licks up what they can in all the carnage! It’s almost a right of passage each year that the first pancake flip fails and you’re left with an undercooked mess. The key thing to remember is that regardless as to whether it failed, you must try again if you’re to expect better results. There are lots of conditions which cause the first pancake to flop; the pan isn’t hot enough or you didn’t pour enough batter! Yes it’s frustrating, but we do it each year with joy because the end-result is almost always worth the turmoil. With businesses, you will meet failures – but you will never know success if you don’t try again!


Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry! If you’re interested in learning more about what Uptivity can do for your business please drop us a message at hello@uptivity.co.uk. We all hope you enjoy Pancake Day – now we must head off, we’ve got some cooking to do!



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