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Businesses across the world have had the past year to adapt to the COVID-19 outbreak, and what it means for ‘business as usual’. Many essential offices are still open, with employees in limited capacity making their commutes as they would’ve done pre-pandemic. Many however, encouraged by the UK governments ‘stay-at-home’ orders, now permanently work-from-home.

In the news last week it was reported that Spotify (based in San Francisco, California), are now opening up their roles not just to remote workers in California, or even the United States, but to the entire world with their ‘Work-from-Anywhere’ scheme. They have gone global! Having had the past year to analyse their employee productivity and growth plans, they’ve realised that working-from-home has a plethora of business-pros. The major one being that you can scout talent from around the world, which is an exciting prospect for any rapidly growing enterprise. Diversity as it has it, is a sure-fire way to drive innovation, and Spotify is capitalising on the potential growth bringing a wider and more diverse workforce will bring. Having just expanded into South Korea, one of the largest music-export countries in the world thanks to the globalisation phenomenon that is the success of K-Pop, it appears Spotify knows exactly what they’re doing…

But what if you’re an SME whose started in the past year? Maybe you’ve grown exponentially and are now considering a work-from-home scheme for your staff. Pre-pandemic one of the largest cons for implementing a work-from-home scheme was the start-up costs i.e. buying the equipment and investing in the software infrastructure to make it happen. Thanks to COVID-19 businesses didn’t have a choice as to whether to make that investment, which led to millions across the globe utilising the power of the internet and comfort of working in your PJ’s! As business owners have come to find, it doesn’t always have to be expensive, and it can save you money in the long-run. Zoom calls can indeed be tedious, but they can also be fun – the real winner of working from home though, is the sudden refresh in employees work-life balance.

Enter YouDo; our productivity and task-assignment app designed to make managing employees remotely easy and enjoyable. Unlike other forms of management software, YouDo is incredibly affordable meaning that implementing a work-from-home scheme doesn’t need to break the bank. Our in-app alerts, called YouDo’s, can be sent from anywhere in the world – allowing managers to allocate tasks to a global workforce. Here at Uptivity, we benefit hugely from being able to manage our international staff and sales representatives easily, which is why we bring the app to you! We understand that a growing business needs to have the correct infrastructure to flourish, and with the world as our oyster, this means being able to reach an international market.

A fantastic additional capability of the app is it’s ability to track work progress, which makes employee management and task prioritising a doddle (as we call it in the UK!). With this, you can also keep track of any sales representatives across the globe, and they in turn can update you with any progress in their campaigns.

Sound intriguing? If you’re looking to introduce a work-from-home scheme for your employees look no further – YouDo is the perfect, affordable employee management app for any business. For more information visit our YouDo page, and email us at hello@uptivity.co.uk


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