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Returning To Business

Many hospitality businesses have re-opened on July 4 or are looking to do so soon. Employers now have to cope with different requirements and a very different situation. Significant changes need to be implemented to fight Coronavirus. All sites, shops, bars, restaurants, halls, need to be cleaned and have all the required COVID-19 arrangements in place. Employers thus need to carry out risk assessments carefully and ensure all staff and customers are safe. These tasks can be carried out by using an interactive checklist.

Uptivity has a solution for you i.e. Checkki App.

What is Checkki App?

Checkki App is a digital tool to help businesses carry out surveys, data collection, Covid-19 risk assessments, compliance, and standard checks. On the App, you can find pre-populated COVID-19 risk assessments, you can fill in cleaning, Health & Safety & COVID-19 back to work or compliance checklists digitally and safely, just on a smartphone or tablet.  

It’s not an App that only contains checkboxes: in Checkki App you can find multiple answer types, automate your reports, upload files, update your team instantly, and much more… Learn more about Checkki App’s features here: https://www.uptivity.co.uk/checkki/

How it can help you?

In Checkki App you can find built-in checklists relevant to your sector. Fill in checklists tailored to the needs of your business and follow specific guidelines. Whether you want to use Checkki in your restaurant, pub or take away, whether you and your staff work in retail, hospitality, construction or in a warehouse, factory or business centre, Uptivity have what you need to increase your efficiency and get back to work safely. Standard Checkki App specifically comes with pre-populated COVID-19 back to work checks to help you transition into the new normal.

Or you can choose Enhanced Checkki to create your own checklists from scratch and use the Checkki notification feature for an affordable fixed monthly subscription. Get in touch for a tailored quote!

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