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Attendance Rota is an application which is using a face recognition system to get track of your employees. Attendance Rota is an attendance management system that has many features that can help streamline your business and make your job easier.  Here are some ways that can reduce your stress. In this article, we will discuss “How can AttendanceRota help your business?”.

It’s Hygienic:

Face Scan is completely contactless! This means it is ideal for places like hospitals and care homes where hygiene is the number one priority. Other systems such as hand scanners will require hand sanitizers to stop the spread of germs, as Facial recognition is contactless, you won’t have to buy dozens of bottles for clocking in and out of work!

It’s easy to Install:

All you need to do to implement Facial recognition is to fill out the employee profiles, using only one picture, the facial recognition software will be able to identify your employees when they come into work! Not only does it take very little time to install, but you can also use the app on any affordable tablet. Meaning you don’t have to invest thousands just to set it up!

It can become an attendance hub!

Face Scan has many features that allow you to control your staff schedules from a single platform. Not only does it reduce clock in/out times with facial recognition, but it also allows your employees to request time off; automatically assigns shifts for you and alerts you when an employee is at work at an unexpected time. This will allow your business to run as smoothly as it can and reduce errors in payments.

It isn’t expensive!

One of the great things about this product is that you don’t have to invest thousands to get it set up! The app itself only costs *price* and the device that it is used on can cost as little as £30! It is amazing how much you can get out of such an inexpensive system. The facial recognition only requires a camera so any device with one can be used!

we have discussed “How can AttendanceRota help your business?”

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