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What can you expect when you receive social media marketing management when you choose JustSell? Read all about the typical client marketing process…


Social Media Marketing

Marketing isn’t easy (I should know, I do it every day!), but when it’s done right it can be incredibly impactful and beneficial to a business. Not every client we work with is a marketer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t be able to benefit from good marketing. When you choose JustSell as your e-commerce platform, our client’s have the option to pay an additional cost for bespoke social media management.

What does this mean? It essentially means we take your digital marketing off you! We can not only support you with content creation and monitoring for social media, but also support your business growth with targeted PPC ad campaigns on Facebook and Google.

Check out this article by InTouch Marketing, outlining the benefits of hiring external marketers here.


Phase 1: Research

When we get a new marketing management client from JustSell, we first need to familiarise ourselves as marketers, with what our client does and/or sells. To do this we go to their pre-existing marketing platforms like their social media accounts and websites. Through this we can get an idea of their branding, tone, and niche. Once this is established, we then look at their major competitors and see if we can establish any gaps in the market that our client can fill with the right marketing support. Understanding our client’s competitors is crucial if we want to be successful in helping our clients onboard new accounts or make sales.


Phase 2: Content Strategy

Once this initial stage of research is complete, and we understand our client’s background and competitors, we move on to strategising how we can meet our client’s needs. This could be increasing their followers, engagement, sales conversions etc. To do this, we look at what material the client already has to work with (if any!) and begin drafting content that matches the brand and their overall objectives. If a client doesn’t have existing material, this is where we establish the tone and branding with the client. Here we discuss who they want to target, who their customer-base is, and what they want to promote.


Phase 3: Content Creation

Once we’ve finished researching and have a clear idea of what the client wants, we move onto creating content. I normally dedicate an afternoon a week to create content for our client’s Facebook and Instagram feed (typically a Tuesday!). This gives me enough time to see what has worked in previous campaign runs. During this content-creation afternoon I write up the written content and create graphics for each post and each platform. Altogether, I create twenty-eight posts every two weeks.


Phase 4: Uploading and Monitoring

After I’ve finished writing and designing content, I then upload it to a content management system (CMS) and schedule it to come out periodically throughout the next two weeks. Typically, I schedule posts to come out at the same time each day for consistency and performance monitoring. During performance monitoring I look for the key objectives we want to reach with our client e.g., is the post creating engagement? Are there any new followers? How many people is this post reaching, and where are they being reached the most?


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